Like our first partner-work course (Skills Training), Lead & Follow is designed to develop the tools and techniques specific to our individual roles within the partner-dance structure, while giving us the opportunity to explore training the opposite side as a means for better understanding the lead-follow relationship.

This new course also brings the lead and follow together (safely) to practice partnerwork patterns both with and without contact. Allowing for even more training options!

Lead & Follow will begin with individual warmups for both the roles, each consisting of fundamental patterns of footwork. The lesson portion follows, including an in-depth breakdown of each role's part, as well as a separate section where lead and follow come together to discuss and apply details for proper communication and execution of the pattern.

Whether you're practicing on your own or in a place that safely allows you to do so with a partner, this course is sure to sharpen and refine your individual skills, as well as deepen your understanding of the language of partner-work.

**As always, we encourage everyone to train safely and responsibly. Please consult your local pandemic guidelines if considering practice with a partner.**

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Lead & Follow

An Exercise in Partnerwork Patterns

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  Lead & Follow Introduction
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  Lead & Follow Warmups
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  Lead & Follow Lesson
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  Lead & Follow Demo
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Frankie Martinez, chief instructor
Lia Robertson, assistant

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