It's been over 2 months since many of us last took or taught a partner-work class. Since we went out dancing or even performed with another person on stage. As Latin dancers, this is quite an uncomfortable and almost unnatural position to find ourselves in.
So, what do we do when the physical connection associated with Latin dance is suddenly taken from us? Do we wait around aimlessly for it to return, reminiscing about times past while longing for those in the future? And what about the present? Or worse, do we just thrown in the towel on dance altogether?
A situation as challenging and unfamiliar as the present one should make us a question and doubt. It should make us reflect on ourselves and the world around us. But it should also serve as an opportunity to learn and grow. And that is what this event looks to shed light on.
This FREE 30-minute seminar consists of an in-depth talk about partner-dance during the pandemic and ends with an exercise to offer both follows and leads an idea on how to continue their training without a partner.

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Partner Work in Isolation: Discussion & Exercise

Recorded from Facebook Live on May 18

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  Discussion & Exercise
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Frankie Martinez

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