We do not use the popular term "Styling" as it implies that we are using something separate to enhance the aesthetics of our expression. Because our practice revolves around aesthetic personal expression with the entire body, there is nothing left to be considered separate or decorative.

In Arm Work, we practice the subtle art of giving our arms and hands the type of expression they would have in conversation. The term "styling" can lead to improper understanding and an unnatural, overly dramatic set of poses. For this reason we refer to this practice as gestures - movements that convey information and context. 

Practice begins with a warm up, drilling the fundamental gestures that comprise our core arm and hand movements. The instructional portion of class deals with the footwork that will be used first. After this is broken down, arm work is then systematically added and described in detail. This practice deals directly with high-level coordination and develops the ability to use the body in a precise and sophisticated manner.

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