Exploring A.C.B.M. Isolations offers dancers an in-depth look into our ongoing Isolations practice, and how to approach it mindfully and most effectively.

This NEW online iteration is a full-length workshop that includes both instructional sections and dance thru’s, creating the experience of 2 courses in 1.

The workshop will begin with a brief discussion of A.C.B.M. Isolations and the role it plays in our curriculum and in Afro-Latin dance. The lesson portion follows, consisting of detailed breakdowns of movement exercises for each area of the body, including proper execution and focus. 

Practiced consistently, A.C.B.M Isolations provides a separate time to deal with the body and feeling of Afro-Caribbean music, making the dancer much more receptive and adept in all other facets of their practice.

It teaches the sequential structure of movement in coordination with sophisticated rhythmical structures to develop a high level of quality and musicality. This puts the dancer in a position to express themselves musically with every part of their body.

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Course Curriculum

Frankie Martinez

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